Specialist Project Services

Progress Measurement & Earned Value Management

Project success levers on the ability to make informed decisions at the right time, to support this we believe an accurate status of works performed is essential.

We create quantity based measures across all disciplines and through each Project phase:

 – Civil, Structural and Architectural (CSA)

 – Mechanical; Utility and Process piping, HVAC, Fire and Safety Systems

 – Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls (EI&C)

 – System Completions / SMC

 – Commissioning & Qualification (C&Q)


To support Project requirements we can:

–  Investigate and verify supplier reporting

 – Design quantity based Progress trackers for weekly updates

 – Develop labor hour estimates and labor histograms

– Build S Curves to represent Planned, Actual and Forecasted Progress and Resourcing

Our ultimate goal is to build a single source of truth for your Projects performance. We have designed custom Progress360 dashboards using the principles of Earned Value Management (EVM), to bring visibility and understanding to performance across teams, contracts, systems, projects and entire business portfolios.

Our custom Progress360 Dashboards & S Curves give a clear and effective overview of :

 – Project Total Scope

 – Scope by contract / team / system 

 – Progress Earned (Weekly / Monthly)

 – Progress Planned (Weekly / Monthly)

 – Progress Forecast (Weekly / Monthly)

 – Labor Spend & Efficiency Measures S/E

We work with measurable quantities, industry norms and labor hours. This common currency of labor hours allows us to compare different work scopes and disciplines together to give an accurate overall Project measure.


Advanced Analytics, Data Capture & Benchmarking

Advanced analytics – Enables benchmarking project performance against industry standards or similar projects. Comparative analysis can help identify areas where the project is underperforming or excelling, leading to insights on best practices or potential areas for improvement. By analyzing resource data, including skills, availability, and workload, the project controls team can identify opportunities for optimizing resource allocation, reducing bottlenecks, and ensuring efficient resource utilization.

Data Capture – Establish a centralized data repository or project information management system where all captured data can be stored, organized, and integrated. This facilitates data accessibility, eliminates silos, and enables comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Internal Benchmarking – Compare the project’s performance against past projects executed by the organization. Analyze historical project data to identify trends, lessons learned, and best practices from previous projects. This internal benchmarking allows the team to leverage internal knowledge and experience to improve current project performance.

Collaborative Benchmarking – With our database of over 3.5 million labor hours of Project execution we can conduct comparative and gap analysis to identify areas where the project is underperforming or overperforming compared to the benchmarks. This analysis can reveal potential risks, bottlenecks, or opportunities for optimization


Integrated Project Delivery

Skilled and experienced in Agile, Lean and Waterfall Project Delivery, we design and implement successful execution strategies that bring cross functional teams together, utilizing:

 – The Last Planner System & Interactive Planning Sessions

 – KPI & Milestone Identification & Tracking

 – Integrated Three Week Lookaheads

 – Weekly Work Plans & Progress Trackers

 – Scrum and Kanban Frameworks

 – Progress focused Tier Boards / Daily Stand Ups

 – Lean Visual Management

 – Problem Solving and Innovation Workshops

 – Race Debriefs & Driver Reviews: F1 Inspired Improvement Sessions


Technology that we believe in – our favorite piece of tech to use on construction projects is our 360 camera – its amazing what you think you see on Progress walks, fortunately for us the camera never lies.

360 Degree Photographic Project Mapping - Partnered with HoloBuilder

Utilizing this technology we can create and access a 360 digital version of the project, accessible from anywhere in the world.

  • Keep stakeholders informed with visual representation of actual progress achieved
  • Create a well-organized visual track record of construction progress across multiple project locations.
  • Travel through time and compare weekly progression in areas – plan versus actual.
  • Improve communication between the project site and remote workers / off site management / stakeholders.
  • Access updates through your mobile device from anywhere in the world.
  • Mitigate claim and dispute risks.