Earned Value Management (EVM)

A performance measure for your project, the status of work completed versus the schedule and the cost budget. Often over-complicated or undervalued – getting this right is at the very core of our services.
Accurate and regular SPI and CPI reports give decision-makers the information needed to gauge the health and influence the direction of a project.
Schedule Performance Index (SPI) – evaluating the total work completed against the plan.
Cost Performance Index (CPI) – evaluating the total value of the work completed against the actual cost.

4D & 2D Scheduling

The future of construction management has arrived, 4D BIM integration is the process of adding the schedule data into the BIM model. We operate and integrate with all major scheduling and 4D & 2D software including; Primavera, MS Project and SYNCHRO Pro.

By integrating the model and Schedule in this way we can allow you to:

  • Make informed decisions during the design phase regarding the construction sequencing and the management of resources.
  • Visualize the build sequence at different stages throughout the execution phase.
  • Create instant digital progress reporting from the field to the office or anywhere in the world.
  • Visualize the progress versus the plan at a given point in time.
  • Lead progress reviews using the 4D model as the single source of truth.
  • Create customized tracking reports for systems, milestones, critical paths.

From our experience in working on large complex projects, we have developed an efficient working strategy to incorporate 4D BIM planning into our Digital Project Controls delivery.

5D & 2D Cost Management

The next level of cost management, in 5D BIM we add the cost data to the BIM model. We manage all our 5D & 2D estimates and takeoffs in  iTWO costX.

  • Use digital design data to accurately estimate quantities and costs.
  • Capture and manage quantity changes in the model.
  • Build comprehensive cost reports including detailed variance analysis.
  • Achieve up to zero day value of work done verification; through proactive management of progress data and collaboration with the contractor / client.

Using our knowledge in dealing with all project related change and informed with a 5D model we can achieve a greater level of confidence in the cost forecast.

8D Safety Schedule Analysis

As we are learning and appreciating the value of early schedule and cost integration with design and the 3D model, we must not neglect our responsibility to keep our sites safe.
We have developed a program that builds an extra level of intelligence into the schedule and model integration.
By working through a set of simple steps we can:

  • Add a risk rating to activities, specific to the type of activity and its location.
  • Review the risks in order of severity.
  • In some cases, the risk can be completely removed by rescheduling the sequence or time of the activity.
  • Where the risk cannot be completely removed, we look to reduce the danger and bring control to the activity.
  • We work closely with HSE Management to build their expertise into the schedule and construction sequence.

Big Data & Analytics

A large construction project can generate endless amounts of data, from the initial concept through to completion, a wealth of measured data is available. We manage our data in SQL and our reporting using MS Power BI.

This data can be used at selected intervals in the project to:

  • Create a database of measured data that can be used for benchmarking projects.
  • Evaluate contractor, area or discipline performance.
  • Manage, control and mitigate Health and Safety risks through our own Schedule Safety Analysis initiative (BIM 8D).

We believe that using the data made available through Digital Project Controlling will help shape the future of how Complex Projects are managed.


AR Augmented Reality for Construction

Recent developments in the augmented reality industry have allowed for integrated plugins between the 3D BIM model and reality headsets.
This integration allows the user to walk through the model at the project location, the live walk can also be recorded and where supported, shared live.
The key to embracing new technology in the construction industry is understanding where and how to add value through experience and suitable utilization.

At present, we are trialing this technology to understand how it can improve our ability to:

  • Share current project site status and progress globally.
  • Improve schedule performance.
  • Plan ahead for access, contractor coordination and continuity.
  • Improve health and safety site conditions and mitigate future risks.

Drone Surveying

No longer just a flying camera, the latest in drone technology allows us to:

  • Create accurate ground surveys with GPS tagging.
  • Plan construction site set up.
  • Monitor and track construction progress.
  • Plan and monitor activities in line with the best health and safety practices.
  • Create a time-lapse vision of the project progression.

360 Degree Photographic Project Mapping

Utilizing this technology we can create and access a 360 digital version of the project from anywhere in the world.

  • Support remote working strategies and social distance regulations.
  • Create a well-organized visual track record of construction progress across multiple project locations.
  • Travel through time and compare weekly progression in areas – plan versus actual.
  • Improve communication between the project site and remote workers / off site management / stakeholders.
  • Access updates through your mobile device from anywhere in the world.
  • Mitigate claim and dispute risks.