About Us

Progress360 – Digital Project Controls & Management Consultancy

We focus on our ability to bring stability and structure, to stressed and ambiguous Project environments through:

 – Establishing reliable and measured Progress Tracking and Performance Forecasting.

 – Capturing and utilizing Project data to create Performance Insights that drive critical decision making.

 – Utilizing Agile, Lean & Waterfall Integrated Project Delivery frameworks to bring focus to the short term targets, and understanding, visibility and security to long term business needs.


  • Honesty

    We pride ourselves on finding and sharing the truth, creating a transparent and collaborative environment.

  • Passion

    We love what we do, we thrive in challenging situations, we celebrate our wins and learn from our mistakes.

  • Innovation

    We constantly seek out opportunity to optimize processes and enhance efficiency.

  • Togetherness

    We work together, we learn, develop and embark on the journey together.


Our vision is to earn the trust of our clients through successful and innovative project delivery that delivers real and sustainable value and change.